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Resistance Season 2: Episode 2: "A Quick Salvage Run"

Resistance Season 2: Episode 2: "A Quick Salvage Run", written by Brandon Auman, directed by Bosco Ng
     This episode was wonderful!!! Definitely more of a season opener than last week's. There was suspense, betrayal, close calls, and camaraderie. So much awesomeness in a few short minutes!
     Not to mention it had canon connections to the movies that made for a super exhilarating ride!! The Colossus makes it to D'Qar only to find the space surrounding the planet chock-full of destruction. On the planet itself, you can see a swirling red circle that I think was the Resistance Base post-annihilation by the First Order orbital cannons. Oddly enough, Kaz, Doza, and Yeager all ignore the red swirling circle and still attempt to call out to Leia and Poe. See what I'm talking about above (apologies for the bad picture quality...I had to do a work around to even watch this episode *tear*). Then!! It turns out the "Quick Salvage Run" is to the Fulminatrix!!…

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