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Solo: A Star Wars Story comic #6 by Robbie Thompson

"Solo: A Star Wars Story #6" written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Will Sliney, Andres Mossa, and Stefani Rennee
     Oh my goodness, the artwork in this issue was beyond belief good!! While the story itself only included one extra line not in the movie, the artwork made up for that lack of new material in spades! This review, since the issue doesn't veer too far from the movie, will mostly be images from the issue that moved me...and there are many...I had to be at least a little choosy.
     But first, the one new line was from Beckett after he double crosses Han: "And besides, if it weren't for Enfys, Val'd still be here and I'd already be strumming a valachord." I love the inclusion of this because it makes you realize that Beckett's not exactly a bad guy--I mean, who wouldn't hold a grudge against someone who caused the death of your lover? No matter how true that person's overall moral compass was. I totally get it.
     And o…

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