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Star Wars comic #58 by Kieron Gillen

"Star Wars #58" written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Angel Unzueta and Guru-eFX
     This was a really good issue with several different story beats that kept me engaged and enjoying the entire time. We get Luke and Thane Markona fighting the Thanrax, Luke trying to build a transmitter, Han and Leia really enjoying each other's company *smile*, and Tula Markona explaining to Luke her past and why building the transmitter is such a bad idea for her beloved colony on Hubin.
     Warning though: the cover has NOTHING to do with the story!! It is so misleading and not in a "oh this battle didn't happen like that" kind of way but in a "setting us up for an entire plot line that isn't even there" kind of way...irritating. Oh well.
     We start off right where we left the last issue with Luke and Thane Markona in the midst of a battle with the Thanrax--the giant beasties pictured below. Thane sees Luke's lightsaber and asks, "Just a tri…

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