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Tales From Vader's Castle comic #2: Count Dooku: Prince of Darkness! by Cavan Scott

"Tales From Vader's Castle #2: Count Dooku: Prince of Darkness!" written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm, Kelley Jones, and Michelle Madsen
     So while the first issue was a cute little ghost story with a slightly creepy lining, this one took out all the stops. Count Dooku was certainly not the scariest thing about this story despite his billing as "Prince of Darkness!". You have got to check this one out!
     We start off with Lina Graf and her Rebel crew as they encounter larvae and then a really big insectoid beastie on Mustafar. An intriguing defense mechanism of the big guy gets CR-8R musing about Milo's love for weird creatures. And Milo must be working for the Rebellion as well because it turns out he's the one who sent them on this mission!! I'm still absolutely loving these connections!
     We then get into our story within a's about Bray, the planet of eternal night and is a story told during the time of the C…

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