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"The Bad Batch Ep. 14: War-Mantle"

"The Bad Batch Ep. 14: War-Mantle" written by Damani Johnson, directed by Steward Lee This was a surprisingly jam-packed episode, one that definitely required two viewings to get all the little tidbits and I'm sure there's more that I missed. While there is tons of action, it is nicely balanced with a whole lotta intrigue and foreshadowing, two things I can always get behind! We get to see an intermediate armor variant between clone troops and the stormtroopers we're all familiar with. Gregor makes an appearance as a main character! And the s*** is hitting the fan with the Kaminoans. If anything, this episode is definitely an exciting one. First off, we have a hunted and then captured Gregor!! See the nasty beasties (Massifs) catching up to him after he sets a signaling beacon below. Somehow I knew it was Gregor from go, especially having recently wondered if Gregor and Wolffe were going to be brought into the story. Well, guess that question was answered! (I'

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