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The Mandalorian: Season 1: Volume 1 (Screen Comix)

The Mandalorian: Season 1: Volume 1 (Screen Comix) I've definitely grown to appreciate these Screen Comix publications and for the most part this was no exception. Because it lays out all the dialogue very clearly, I was able to catch bits that I did not catch simply by watching the show. But...and I guess it's honestly a big but...there is such a great amount of action that I kept getting lost in the panels. Action is just so much more visually clear when it's actually moving than when you have stills of an action heavy scene. With real comics it's different because the artists can add in shading, lines, and the like that suggest movement. Since this is just panels of stills from a live action TV show, the same cannot be done which makes the scenes with a lot of movement really difficult to parse out. Although I am totally in love with the lettering overlaying the still shots which is what makes these Screen Comix books so unique!! I've included a few of my favorit

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