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Resistance Season 2: Episode 2: "A Quick Salvage Run"

Resistance: Season 2: Episode 1: "Into the Unknown"

"Allegiance, Part I: An Old Hope" by Ethan Sacks

We are the Resistance: a Little Golden Book by Elizabeth Schaefer

"Doctor Aphra #37: A Rogue's End, Part I: Beneath the Dark Lord's Gaze" by Simon Spurrier

Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple 2: "Trapped on Ontotho" by Matthew Rosenberg

Age of Resistance: Rey: Alone by Tom Taylor

Galaxy of Adventures: Heroes and Villains (World of Reading Level 2) by Ella Patrick

"Doctor Aphra #36: Unspeakable Rebel Superweapon, Part V" by Simon Spurrier

Age of Resistance: Supreme Leader Snoke: "Fail. Or Kill It." by Tom Taylor

Encyclopedia of Starfighters and Other Vehicles by Landry Q. Walker

"Jedi Fallen Order: Dark Temple, Part I: A Planet Divided" by Matthew Rosenberg

Star Wars comic #71: Rebels and Rogues, Part IV: Knight at Last?! by Greg Pak

Galaxy's Edge comic #5: "A Double-Edged Sword" by Ethan Sacks