Solo: A Star Wars Story comic #1 by Robbie Thompson

"Solo: A Star Wars Story #1" written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Will Sliney and Federico Blee
     So here we go with the comic adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story. The imagery in this issue was absolutely spectacular!! I wanted to take pictures of and share so much of it but just chose three panels to give y'all a nice taste of what is in store for you. Check out the awesome Star Destroyer mid-construction pictured below--such a cool visual! This issue was phenomenal story wise as well--with tons of extra dialogue and several extra scenes, even a scene not in the novelization!! I whole-heartedly recommend this issue and have optimistic high hopes the rest of the series will be just as full of additional information as this one. It even filled in some gaps I didn't realize were there which was super cool.
     First off, we get the actual assignment of the coaxium handoff to Han by Lady Proxima! While I didn't think I needed this, I thought it was cool to see how simple she and him thought the exchange would be...compared to later how badly it turns out. Qi'ra says she doesn't think Han should go alone but Lady Proxima replies that Han shouldn't be babied. Which I agree is the best course of action for someone who's trying to prove himself, but since they were working with fellow criminals, it seems extra people would probably be a good idea. I wonder how things would have gone down during the exchange if Qi'ra had been there...
     Then we see what Kilmo (the guy who was supposed to buy the coaxium from Han) actually looks like (see below)! He doesn't seem to have a nose, is reddish, and has huge pointy ears...I wonder what species he is.
     Just throwing this out there--what does the Control Zone mean? Is it just a Corellian thing? Does it exist on other Empire controlled planets? Is it a galaxy thing? What is it?...
     Moloch's words are in < > to indicate he is not speaking Basic. It works, but it doesn't indicate what language the Basic is translated from. I haven't seen that clarified anywhere and I'm super curious!
     Even the deleted scene with Han and Qi'ra in the eel barrel is briefly shown. It leaves out the part about the eel touching Han's leg and him moving in for a kiss though. I always thought Qi'ra's reaction to that was funny and telling. Oh well. It obviously still works without doling out the entire scene since it ended up being deleted from the final movie anyway.
     There's a panel that confuses me just after Han and Qi'ra have been separated on either side of the door in the spaceport. Han is saying aloud, "I'll come back for you! I'll come back..." while basically surrounded by stormtroopers charging at the does he not get captured right then and there?!?
     We get an extended view into Han's time at the Imperial Academy on Carida that is fascinating. It's the admiral speaking as he's sentencing Han during his tribunal after the deleted scene incident with Onyx Squadron. He was flying up against X-wings in the panels so I'm wondering if he was in fact fighting the Rebellion at that time as an Imperial pilot... During the tribunal, the admiral says, "Individual lives are not worth more than Imperial property." Yikes!! How sordid. Makes me think of Rose's proclamation that the right way to fight is to save those you love and not just full-on go after what you hate. Such very different perspectives.
     When Beckett appears we get a good visual look at the Mimbanese in action!! I think the character design of these guys is really interesting so I love getting actual glimpses of them!
     And we end this issue with Han laying on the ground in Chewbacca's pit.
     I am definitely looking forward to seeing where this series goes from here! Will it be like the Last Jedi comic adaptation that only in some issues featured a lot of extras or will every issue be like this since they expanded the run of the series to 7 comics total? Guess we'll have to wait and find out...


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