Star Wars: Resistance - Episode 6 - "The Children from Tehar"

Star Wars: Resistance - Episode 6 - "The Children from Tehar" written by Paul Giacoppo, directed by Saul Ruiz
     Overall, this was a pretty good episode. It did introduce what is now one of my absolute favorite new species which was exciting, but the story itself left something to be desired. I'm hoping that the lingering questions will be addressed in upcoming episodes and these threads aren't left dangling forever unanswered.
     After last week's dramatic carry over music for the title card, we're back to the usual Resistance title card music. It's okay, but it just doesn't sound like Star Wars to me. It's way too generic for that.
     Interesting within-series continuity tidbit: the creepster dude who tried to get Kaz to be his roommate in a previous episode makes a brief appearance trying to buy some food. He wasn't creepy this time, just pitiable since he couldn't afford the food. What a curious choice of character to keep including.
     The Chelidae!!!! I LOVE this new species! They are super slow, quite large, turtle-like, and speak in weird groans. It's super funny hearing Neeku communicate with them. They work on the engineering level of the Colossus. See them pictured above.
     It was invigorating to hear Kylo Ren get a mention as it provides a connection to the overall story. And then Ello Asty (Red Six from The Force Awakens) appears in a communication with Kaz, further connecting this story to the larger canon. I was definitely grateful for both!
     So, in summary, I feel like they are doing a good job of connecting to canon and making sure that this story is not a completely separate one without any ties to the larger story. But it still feels like it's not enough. I'm sure as the story continues things will become more intertwined, but right now it just feels like something I can watch in the background. Goodness, I hate how harsh that sounds, but I have to admit that I'm not chomping at the bit for the next episode. There's no intense continuous storyline that has me desperately looking forward to what comes next. Instead, it seems disjointed and episodic which is not something I really want from a Star Wars show. But I have high hopes for this changing as the episodes continue since it looks like the First Order is becoming more and more involved with the events of the show. Guess we'll see...


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