Tales from Vader's Castle comic #5: The Fearful Finale! by Cavan Scott

"Tales from Vader's Castle #5: The Fearful Finale!" written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm, Charles Paul Wilson III, and Michael DeVito
     This was a pretty good issue and worked just fine as a finale, but after the previous issue containing so many canon connections and issue 2 being truly spooky, this one just didn't match up to their grandeur. Overall, I was left wanting more. This issue also did not contain a true story within a story. There was a flashback to the first invasion of Vader's castle right after it was built when a bunch of Mustafarians atop lava fleas burst in the joint, but the flashback didn't serve as a fully fleshed out tale. Vader's acolyte? butler? servant? Vanee relays the flashback. I do like how this flashback relates to the current Darth Vader long-run comic series where his castle is in the process of being built and the Mustafarians don't seem at all okay with that. I'll be curious to see if an invasion takes place once the structure is completed.
     So we find out what happens to Lina's crew. I won't give everything away but will say not all of them survive to return to the Rebellion. Vader is of course as menacing and powerful as ever but I was hoping for something new and different to be the big finale in this series since we'd already gotten so many wonderfully unique stories in the previous issues. Oh well, I'll still gladly take what is given to me.
     I will say though that in a pretty cool nod to the rest of the comic's run, we get references to each of the other stories told. Lina and Skritt (see an adorable picture of him below!) recall each of the stories in turn to help them figure out ways to escape Vader's clutches along with the castle itself. Along with these references we get flashback images of great moments from each of the previous stories.
     I love Vader's reference to his old self as Anakin when he tells Lina, "I was butchering droids long before you were born." So true and chilling in this particular situation! *tear*
- Those weren't death troopers standing in front of the castle...but lava troopers! Interesting... (see below)
     I am at least happy that this issue referenced back to the previous issues and created a cohesive overall picture for the comic's run. But I would've been even happier with a final unique story for this finale issue. Overall, I absolutely recommend this series as a whole and if you haven't read it yet, I would recommend waiting for the TPB to be released so you can have the entire glorious run in your hands all at once!! Sad to see this one go, but the journey was so much fun.


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