Tales from Vader's Castle comic #4: Night of the Gorax by Cavan Scott

"Tales from Vader's Castle #4: Night of the Gorax" written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm, Robert Hack, and Charlie Kirchoff
     First off, Happy belated Halloween everybody!!! I hope you all had a wonderful day full of fun costumes and yummy candy. I dressed up like an ambiguous mammal--the ears didn't match the tail--and had a blast. My first trick-or-treater was even Darth Vader!! So adorable.
     On to the issue, this one was perfection!! It was a prequel to Return of the Jedi in regards to the Ewoks of Bright Tree Village! I couldn't have asked for a more spectacular canon connection. So cool.
     But first, to frame the story. Lieutenant Hudd has been captured...by something or someone...and Lina's crew set off to find him. Skritt goes with Gee-Three and Crater goes with Lina. Gee-Three tells Skritt to "engage his bravery circuits" and says a story should do the trick. Well, Skritt of course can't see how that could possibly help after the last story, but Gee-Three plows on ahead.
     We are then introduced to a youthful Chirpa (the Chief of Bright Tree Village in Return of the Jedi, but at this time he's just Chief Buzza's son) and his friend Ra-Lee who are hunting a gigantic Borra (a boar-like creature). They take their prize to the village and discover that many woklings (baby Ewoks) have gone missing. Ra-Lee thinks it's the Duloks who have committed this crime--a new species we've not been introduced to before (pictured below). We also meet Makrit, the current medicine man, and a youthful Logray (the medicine man in Return of the Jedi) as his apprentice!
     So Chirpa, Logray, and Ra-Lee head out to confront the Duloks and find themselves in a much more sinister situation than they ever thought possible! And just what is a Gorax? If you haven't seen Forces of Destiny, then you'll just have to read to find out!
     Back in the frame-story, Gee-Three and Skritt come across trouble in the form of Vanee (Vader's acolyte? servant? butler? from Rogue One!!!). And Crater comes across an ignited red lightsaber...things are looking bad for our Rebel crew!
     An additional non-sentient new species is mentioned: Condor Dragons.
     I absolutely loved how this issue connected to Return of the Jedi but in a truly prequel way (not just showing us the Ewoks as is in Return of the Jedi, but younger versions of them)...you know me and my love for seeing how things came to be the way they are. It was so cool to see a young Chirpa and his enthusiasm and gusto for finding out what happened to the woklings. He seemed pretty carefree and nonchalant when hunting, but when his people were in danger, he leapt at the chance to help.
     This issue was overall more sinister (that's really the best word to describe it) than scary and there are hints as to how things are going to play out from nearly the very beginning. Although I have to say the Duloks are pretty scary looking in and of themselves despite their turning out to not be the main villain in the tale. Regardless, it is such a fantastic read for its canon connections that I cannot recommend it enough! Can't wait to see how this series wraps up!


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