Doctor Aphra comic #27: Worst Among Equals, Part II by Simon Spurrier

"Doctor Aphra #27: Worst Among Equals, Part II" written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Emilio Laiso and Rachelle Rosenberg
     Such a fantastic issue!!! Gems of dialog, favorite characters brought back from the annual, a new species, AND a fabulous twist ending that made my jaw drop to the floor. This was just too good. I cannot wait to find out what happens next! Oh--and the cover was spot on for once! Well, except for the boot stomping on Aphra's hand. But falling off a cliff into a foggy abyss...yes, that happens...although they're more of skyscrapers...okay, the cover sort of fits the bill.
     First off, Winloss and Nokk are back!!!!! I yelled, "Yeeeessss!" as soon as I saw the name Nokk in dialog. Nokk's first line is a fantastically sarcastic response to Winloss asking her how he looks, "Sss. You look exactly like a middle-aged scoundrel with a thing for reptiles getting sweaty over a new client. An uncanny transformation, Winloss." Haha! Their interplay is so beautiful and encapsulates perfectly an old married couple, jabbing at each other with an obviously long-founded love. From the cover of next week's issue, it looks like we'll get more of them then, too! In this issue they only played a part in the beginning, seemingly setting us up for an entirely new obstacle Aphra must hurdle.
     Winloss and Nokk then meet up with Leia of all people and Nokk calls her a "she-mammal"! ...but is it really Leia...or somebody else? Hint: there's a large screen on the wall of the ship... In regards to what he sees on the screen, Winloss references the temple from Doctor Aphra Annual #2 as the "Terror Temple." I swear, every line in this one is making me laugh. I love these two characters so much!
     And then we get to the wonderful interplay between Aphra and 0-0-0! Milvayne is truly terrifying and 0-0-0 is reveling in it, "An entire social system built on neighborly betrayal and fear...It has a certain rustic charm." This just before some people get thrown off a building with others yelling, "Let justice be served! Protect the perfect!" *shiver* Later in the issue we meet a girl named Vulaada Klam who explains that on Milvayne, all "immigrants, disease carriers, the homeless, and the defective" are thrown off the buildings to live in the foggy underworld...if they're caught in a net...if not, they die. Dystopia at its finest! Next issue sounds like it's going to delve even more into the dystopian-ness of it all and I cannot wait! I love dystopian concepts--it's my version of horror.
     A couple of narrative gems:
-0-0-0 says to Aphra, "the flaming trash compactor that is your life."
-As a time measurement part ways through the comic we get, "Twelve minutes and zero homicides later."
This issue is freaking golden!
     New species! Qaberworm (see below)- fiercely protective of their owners and cannot feel pain.
     All in all a great issue with both parts it's broken up into being wholly wonderful in their own rights. Winloss and Nokk steal the show in their section and 0-0-0 steals the show in his and Aphra's. Spurrier has truly outdone himself with some hilarious dialog that manages to move the story right along even while making you stop and laugh and re-read for maximum effect. The description for next week's issue is a little confusing but if it's what it sounds like, it seems to be very Hunger Games-esque which is exciting. This arc might just be my favorite one yet, although I do miss seeing Tolphra. *tear*


  1. I’m so glad I’ve finally finished Vader. I can start reading Aphra now!

    1. You're going to love it!! The humor is excellent and the situations she gets herself in are always unique and fun to read about. I'm so excited that you get to start on the Aphra journey!


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