Han Solo: Imperial Cadet comic #2 by Robbie Thompson

"Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #2" written by Robbie Thompson, illustrated by Leonard Kirk and Arif Prianto
     This was a great issue!! But as you'll see below, I did a bit of nitpicking in regards to various small parts in the story. Regardless, I quite enjoyed this one and we finally get some real flying action with Han in the mix. He's passed basic training...after being in the brig for a couple of weeks...and is now on to true flight school!
     Last issue we left off with Han stealing a TIE and attempting to desert after being beaten down by both other cadets and the officers in charge. He was sick of it all and deemed it time to go back home to Corellia to find Qi'ra. But...he got caught of course. One of his first lines in this issue which is so typically Han--"There was a very good explanation for how I accidentally wound up in that TIE fighter, which happened to be flying." Uh-huh...
     Solo was scheduled for termination due to his actions, but his skill in the escape attempt gives him a reprieve. But first, Officer Yurib asks Han how he learned to fly like he does.
     We then get flashbacks to Corellia, some with Han and Qi'ra where we see examples of times he has flown in the past. The first flashback presents a strange scenario as they seem to be flying an Aratech C-PH patrol speeder bike--what the patrol troopers drive (see below). I'm wondering how he got his hands on one of those! And the last flashback shows them up in space but we know the first time he entered space was shown very clearly in Most Wanted when he, Qi'ra, and Tsuulo were on their way to meet with the Engineer. Unfortunate canon misstep here as the set up for this flashback is most definitely not what we see in Most Wanted and that book takes place, I would believe, not very long before the actual movie. Hmmm...
     I'm a little confused, Solo's file says that his previous work experience and family are unknown but people keep calling him a scrumrat. So it's not actually unknown then is it? Weird.
And now he has another pair of dice he hangs in his cockpit. They don't look golden though, they look silver. He says he put them there for luck and to remind him of someone back home (Qi'ra who he gave his original dice to). But how did he get the second set and what does that mean for when he gets the first set back? Will he just throw the second set away? I'm really overthinking this issue aren't I?
     Solo does finally get to fly and of course he starts disobeying orders and directives nearly immediately. But he does one really cool thing to save another cadet's life. I have to say, during this whole sequence it is extremely disorienting to see Solo in an Imperial TIE Fighter Pilot uniform!
     So, nitpicks aside, this was an exciting issue with some real meat to it. Much more engaging than the first issue and it leaves me super excited for what is to come!


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