Star Wars comic #59: The Escape, Part IV by Kieron Gillen

"Star Wars #59: The Escape, Part IV" written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Angel Unzueta and Guru-eFX
     This issue was SO GOOD!!! We had a re-appearance of characters who we thought were long gone and some treachery on the part of Thane Markona. Surprises that made my jaw drop! I thought the issue was going to end after the big reveal but it kept going until it set us up for the next issue which should be an interesting one indeed! Unfortunately there were no really stand out illustrations that I felt compelled to include in this review. But I will say there's one panel where the look on Leia's face is priceless!! I'll just say it's in response to Han...being Han.
     We left off last issue with a look into Leia's obsession with Shu-Torun and Queen Trios--she's got plans and schematics pasted all over the walls of her room on Hubin in an effort to figure out how to get back at the monarch. And we had Luke building a communications beacon to attract someone to Hubin to aid them off planet.
     Luke has activated the communications beacon and Tula is NOT happy...I can't blame her. She throws down against Luke by saying, "The whole universe needs young Master Luke. He'd risk destroying everything to escape." But Luke simply cannot see her point of view. All he sees is the Rebellion and its overarching end goal, not the little people in his universe that he can save right now.
     Han gets into a shoot-out with a Hubin man over a spilled beverage and plays dirty, but in a kind way. See the cover for a fairly accurate depiction of this event. This world gets crazier and crazier with its intriguing warrior culture.
     Leia reveals her plans against Shu-Torun to Luke who is upset she did not trust him with the information...despite his having a beacon he's told nobody about! Seems like there are trust issues all around.
     And then we have the big reveal and I have to say it was such a good one! I absolutely did not see this coming. If you've kept up with this series thus far you'll be pleasantly surprised by the connection to previous issues. If you haven't been keeping up with this series, just know that this particular reveal is BAD. I can't wait to see how our heroes get out of this mess!
     I also want to add that Thane Markona is such a freaking smooth talker! The Hubin traditions and laws of hospitality become very important and are super intriguing after the new arrivals touch down. This is some really great world-building. I'm impressed.


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