Star Wars: Resistance: Meet the Pilots (World of Reading Level 2) by Ella Patrick

Star Wars: Resistance: Meet the Pilots (World of Reading Level 2) written by Ella Patrick, illustrated by Lucasfilm Animation
     This was a surprisingly informative book, naming and briefly describing pretty much everyone involved in the series so far! For this, I was quite pleased. The artwork was taken straight from the show so nothing new there. But there were two pages of stickers!!! See below.
     My only gripe would be the use of the term "alien" rather than the actual species of several of the characters. They could very easily have said that Neeku was a Kadas'sa'Nikto and Hype Fazon was a Rodian but they chose to be super vague about it. When describing the Colossus, the same thing is done with the planet Castilon--the narrative simply says, "The Colossus is a fueling station that floats on a water planet." Oh well, this is for beginner readers so I guess I can let it slide. I just can't help but think that they could have included a glossary as many of these young reader books usually do and therefore could have inserted these extra details without worrying about confusion!
     Despite this book being called "Meet the Pilots," we only get a very brief mention of each of the Aces as follows:
"Hype Fazon is an alien who loves to be the center of attention."
"Griff Halloran's ship is part Imperial TIE."
"Freya Fenris flies a fiery-red ship."
"Bo Keevil is a quiet racer, but he's lightning fast."
"Torra Doza is the youngest Ace and the most daring pilot."
     This book really was more of an intro to Resistance rather than a focused entry on just the pilots...and most of the book was about just Kaz anyway. Kind of reminds me of the I am a Wookiee book where the vast majority of the book was focused on Chewbacca despite there being so many Wookiees to choose from!
- The big burly alien with the Black Sun tattoo who Kaz got in a fight with during the first episode is named Bolza Grool.
- Kragan is the leader of the pilots who keep attacking the Colossus.
- Major Vonreg is the red TIE-fighter pilot and Commander Pyre is the golden stormtrooper.
     Overall, I think this is a great book to get kids familiar with Resistance. It doesn't deep dive or anything but it does put all of the information in one easily accessible place which is always a huge asset. For that, I'd say this one is worth the purchase, especially if you have little ones who are enjoying the show!


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