Rogue Heroes Poster-A-Page

     Rogue Heroes is a very simple Poster-A-Page book with repetitive phrasing and few words at that. No fun facts like in Creatures, Ships, and Droids or timeline narrative like in The Skywalker Saga Episodes I-VI or Heroes and Villains. But many of the posters are beautifully designed and pop off the page with brilliant colors and fun artwork.
     The phrase "Restore the Republic" is used a number of times although I don't recall it being used in the show at all. I like how this phrase gives a strong purpose to the Rebellion and shows they have an actual end game and don't just desire the destruction of the Empire and to heck with reconstruction.
     Every member of the Ghost crew is given their due with multiple posters each. Some have quotes from the show, others just names, and others stock phrases. There's even a section of pro-Empire posters which I thought added a great balance to this book.
     We get a good idea of who each of the crew is and their purpose but don't get any sort of outline or mention of events. So this is more an intro book to the people themselves and not in any way an overview of their journey. Sabine's the artist. Zeb's the muscle. Kanan's the leader. Hera's the heart. Chopper's the Fixer. Ezra's the thief. ...I feel like Ezra got a bit shortchanged on that one lol.
     For any fan of the Rebels show, I definitely recommend this book if you're looking for some fun and artistic posters for your wall. If you're looking for solid new or deeper info on the show, then this isn't the book for you.
     My favorite poster can be seen below:


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