The Big Golden Book of Starships, Speeders, and Space Stations adapted by Christopher Nicolas

     A cute reference book for young children, The Big Golden Book of Starships, Speeders, and Space Stations adapted by Christopher Nicolas is a delightful look into some of our favorite technology from the Star Wars universe. The illustrations are engaging and adorable, displaying even immense action scenes like The Battle of Coruscant in a classic Golden Book style. Any young fan would enjoy this look into prequel, original, and sequel era vehicles and space stations.
     There was a perfect balance between the three trilogies with the prequel and original trilogies receiving fairly equal time and Force Awakens receiving about half of what they each did. I was very pleased with this breakdown since so many books seem to emphasize Force Awakens although it's only one out of seven movies.
     Solid facts were included about weapons carried and abilities held by the various vehicles. Not to mention spelling out names of walkers like the AT-AT, AT-ST, and AT-TE. And it didn't stop at detailing the most typical vehicles, but instead branched out to include troop transports, republic cruisers, Gungan subs, diplomatic barges, Maul's Sith Infiltrator, and more. Even U-wings were given the spotlight! For these reasons it is more than just a simple little young reader, but makes itself a true reference book, even if designed for padawans. I was impressed by the detail for sure.
     Special feature pages were given to the Millennium Falcon and Slave I.
     The only bone I have to pick with this book - although I get their reasoning - is the inclusion of Starkiller Base as a space station. It was a mobile planet...not exactly a space station. But since the book has space stations plural in its name, it couldn't just list the death stars - that wouldn't be enough.
     Cute book, great breadth of information, wonderful illustrations, and an all-inclusive view into Star Wars starships, speeders, and space stations. Definitely recommend this one to any young fan excited to dig deeper into the Star Wars mythos.


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