Be More Vader: assertive thinking from the dark side by Christian Blauvelt

Be More Vader: assertive thinking from the dark side written by Christian Blauvelt
     This self-help book is set in-universe and uses the advice of various villains throughout the saga to show you how to climb the corporate ladder. Some of the examples within the advice are quite humorous as they reference various points in the Star Wars saga. And the entire book, when taken with a grain of salt, is actually quite helpful in learning how to fulfill your full career potential.
     The book is separated into 5 sections with 5 quotes/accompanying pictures/bits of advice for each section. We get "Starting out," "Getting established," "Seeking promotion," "Working with colleagues," and "Becoming a leader." The quotes and references span the entire saga including Rogue One but excluding Solo so no Dryden Vos, which is unfortunate. I guess the book was already in the finishing stages by the time the most recent movie came out, but it is still wonderful and I absolutely get my Rogue One fill which makes me super happy.
     Some of my favorite quotes are:
     "Whether your grandfather was a Sith Lord, your mother helped 'save the galaxy' with her strident activism, or your father was a scruffy-looking nerf herder who couldn't hold down a proper job, don't be afraid to forge your own path." Obviously this speaks of Kylo Ren and in my own experience, this advice is so hard to learn but such an important lesson.
     "People who claim you have 'changed' are simply intimidated by your meteoric rise to greatness." The quote on the opposite page is Anakin speaking to Padme on Mustafar and while a funny bit of advice, the movie implication is definitely a sad one.
     "Stand during a meeting while others sit--it's the ultimate power play." Haha!!! The quote and picture show that this is referencing Vader standing during the meeting on the Death Star at the beginning of A New Hope. I just think it's a hilarious bit of advice that I will never follow through on for fear of looking totally weird. But hey, maybe it works...
     "Assume a double identity and plunge the entire galaxy into a devastating civil war if you have to, but get the job done." Obviously referencing Palpatine in the Prequel Trilogy, this bit of advice holds a grain of truth in that you really should go for it and do what must be done to successfully succeed...of course I'd add without hurting anybody or causing any major problems...okay, maybe I'm straying from the face value of this advice, but taken with a grain of salt, it's important.
     "So never back down, even if that means feeding enemy negotiators to hungry beasts and starting a galactic war." A wonderful reference to the Petranaki Arena in Attack of the Clones in regards to standing by and supporting business partners. Good advice all in all...once again when taken with a grain of salt.
     "Your employees might sneer at these hired hands, but inhouse staff are less likely to look beyond established practices to find your quarry amidst floating garbage." Such a great point!! And I love the reference to Boba Fett knowing to find the Millennium Falcon amongst the Star Destroyer's expunged trash. Sometimes outside help really can be a lifesaver...there's a reason "new blood" is a phrase.
     There are so many more wonderful quotes within the narrative of this book! It's a funny way to relive the saga and a great reminder of how to succeed in business. I absolutely recommend this book for any fan, but especially to those who have difficulties standing up for themselves and believing in their own worth. You are worthy! You do have power! And you can be a success!! ...especially if you follow the Dark Side...okay, I'm just kidding on that last point.


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