Darth Vader comic #22: Fortress Vader, Part IV by Charles Soule

"Darth Vader #22: Fortress Vader, Part IV" written by Charles Soule, illustrated by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Daniele Orlandini, Terry Pallot, and David Curiel
     This was one weird issue...and it got uncomfortably creepy at times. Not sure how I feel about all that. It certainly gave us more of Lord Momin, but what we got wasn't so much fascinating as truly disturbing. I knew the ancient Sith did some bad things but this guy takes the cake!
     Like I said, Momin is one sick cat. He believes that all art should make you feel disturbed at your inner most core. He says to Vader, "Pain and fear are the purest of all emotions, because they are the first we feel--at the moment of birth." And so he feels that art that doesn't bring up such emotions is not art at all. We never get an actual glimpse of the art he's creating which is unfortunate because the people all have such violently negative reactions to it and I'd really like to see why...but then again...maybe I really don't... He even gets imprisoned over his creations! (See young Momin in prison pictured below.)
     We get a new ancient Sith!! Her name is Lady Shaa and she rescues the young Momin from imprisonment. She begins training him as her new apprentice and man he does some darn creepy stuff--like mutilating his own face with a lightsaber-knife. Thank goodness they cut the panel off so you can't see the whole act. And his deeds continue to be told as his ultimate work of art and tribute to the dark side is revealed--super twisted it is!
     Then we're back on Mustafar and some Northern Mustafarians show up, still curious about the "asteroid" that fell out of the sky. They come face to face with Vader who uses one of them for his own designs.
     Well, I'm sufficiently creeped out now...like enough for the rest of this month and it's freaking October. Yikes!! Did not expect this at all. I'm curious but hesitant now about this arc moving forward. According to news from NYCC, we only have 3 more issues before this comic series is over with and I'm super worried about where it's going to go from here...like is it going to get scarier than this?? Goodness, I hope not! But I'm expecting a huge finale and that seems to be the direction this is going in at the moment. We'll just have to wait and see...


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