Star Wars: Resistance - Episode 5 - "The High Tower"

Star Wars: Resistance - Episode 5 - "The High Tower" written by Stephany Folsom, directed by Steward Lee
     This episode finally got into a little bit of spying for Kaz and we got a LOT more First Order!! I feel like the overarching story is finally starting to take shape. I wouldn't mind a few episodes that seem more like side stories than the meat of things but I definitely hope they continue in this direction in most of the future episodes. The possibilities of where this show can go from here are just super exciting now!
     Side note, the title card music was not the same as previous episodes. Instead, this time, the music carried over from the opening scene as it was slightly ominous and I guess set up the mood of the episode a little better. Interesting...I'll be curious to see if they continue this trend or if it really was just the mood of this particular episode.
     So the Colossus is low on fuel and all workers on the platform are put on fuel restriction for 100 hours until the new shipment can come in. It just so happens that new shipment comes straight from the First Order!! And their plan with the pirate attacks seen at the end of Episode 3 is finally coming to fruition as Major Vonreg (the red stormtrooper) goes to Captain Doza (the operator of the Colossus) with a deal--side with the First Order for protection or beware! Doza wants none of it...but what will that mean for his future?!? Luckily...or unluckily...our hero Kaz manages to listen in on the conversation and is raring to go to get the information he has just learned back to Poe! Unfortunately he ends up in a super sticky situation along the way and who knows what is going to happen next!
     An interesting tidbit, Hype Fazon (the Rodian ace pilot pictured above talking with Kaz) does not like the First Order. He won't explain his reasons behind that dislike but there seems to be something quite strong and real to these feelings beneath his haughty and confident exterior. I'm absolutely intrigued as to what Hype's history could possibly be! It also doesn't hurt that he's just fun to listen to.
     And BB-8 does this great move at one point where he pretends to run out of power to get Kaz out of a tight spot. He's perfectly fine one second and then pulls an almost faint-like action as he falls sideways to the ground. It was classic BB-8!
     So all in all a quite good episode that builds up the meat of the story and finally orients us to the direction the rest of the series will probably take. I'm definitely excited to see where it all goes from here! And one last thing, Neeku's laugh is one of the most precious things I have ever heard!
     Next week's episode will be called "The Children from Tehar" and will also include what appears to be a sizeable connection to the First Order. I can't wait!


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