The Last Jedi Golden Book by Elizabeth Schaefer

The Last Jedi Golden Book written by Elizabeth Schaefer, illustrated by Alan Batson
     This is of course a young reader version of The Last Jedi told in the beloved Golden Book format. I love owning these books because they are just so darn cute! And they do a great job of telling the broad story...emphasis on broad though.
     I have to say the illustrations were stunning! They pulled me right into the story and kept me wanting to turn the page to see what new spectacles awaited me.
     As for the story itself, it was told all in big chunks of summary with some odd-to-me parts given entire paragraphs while other parts were swept over in broad strokes. It did tell the story at it's most basic, but I think it could've chosen parts like Rey's connection with the Force at Luke's first lesson instead of BB-8 manning the AT-ST to lend a whole paragraph to. In fact, the lessons weren't included at all and the flashbacks weren't either. Huge bummer.
     Only two lines of dialogue were used and I didn't understand why these two in particular were chosen as they don't really add to the telling of the story. We get Snoke's, "Come closer, child." to Rey and Leia's "We have everything we need." at the end. While the second one, yes, speaks to the future of the story and is a great note to end on, the first one just feels random and unnecessary. And Snoke's death is covered in just a six-word sentence! That is such a powerful moment in the film!
     Also, the most disturbing bits were skipped over which is perfect for a book like this and it doesn't really hurt the story, although I missed the scenes regardless. The biggest were of course Snoke's death as mentioned above and Leia and the whole Resistance command getting blasted out the Raddus. So no awesome Force-pull back into the ship for our General.
     I know I'm being a little harsh with a book that's meant for the youngest of sentients, but I feel like there have to be Golden Books out there with more dialogue at least.
     Okay, so I looked at some of the other Star Wars Golden Books and they're basically the same format, so I guess I can't say much about this one being any different. I just always have such high hopes for anything Star Wars canon that comes out...oh well.
     All-in-all, a cute book for any young fan who really enjoyed The Last Jedi and doesn't mind a grim but in-the-end hopeful story before bedtime. As the last sentence of the book says, "As long as the heroes had hope, they could bring peace to the galaxy--together." D'awww. And I'll leave you with this awesome illustration of Rey fighting a Praetorian Guard:


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