Star Wars comic #55: Hope Dies, Part VI by Kieron Gillen

"Star Wars #55: Hope Dies, Part VI" written by Kieron Gillen, illustrated by Salvador Larroca and Guru-eFX
     This was an action-packed issue with high stakes and one high profile death...this arc is really packing a punch--two high profile deaths in a row! The story moved right along and while things appear to be desperately hopeless for our heroes, they still manage to scrounge up belief that they will find a way against the darkness.
     We ended last issue with Han, Luke, and Leia safely aboard General Dodonna's cruiser the Republic on the other side of hyperspace from the battle raging at Mako-Ta Space Docks between the Rebellion and the Empire. Dodonna thinks it best not to return to the battlefield, but our heroes are desperate to save as many as they can!
     We begin with the Republic zooming out of hyperspace, attacking the Star Destroyer Executor full force as part of a plan of distraction to get the transports (those that escaped the flaming capital ship wrecks) on the other cruisers and get the codes out to the fleet.
     Apparently R2 isn't liking flying with Han all that much. Remember Han is in an X-wing with R2 as his astromech. Leia says, "I thought Threepio was the neurotic one." Haha. I'm just loving Han getting some new and different piloting action from the Millennium Falcon. He really takes to piloting in general as is obvious by his exploits in this X-wing.
     Hera's cruiser is the Geist and is apparently manned by only Twi'leks...interesting. Even Ackbar has other species besides Mon Calamari on his cruiser. I find this strange for Hera considering her quite diverse Ghost crew from Rebels.
     The action really ramps up and a lot happens that I won't give away here, but it is all truly lovely! ...and extremely unnerving at times. Definitely edge of your seat writing in this issue.
     After escaping in what appears to be a random cruiser...I'm a little confused on what ship Leia, Han, Luke, 3PO, and R2 manage to get on--it must have been one of the remaining docked ships and it has a truly intriguing design (see above)-- they enter hyperspace to land on a moon called Corosi 7.
     They immediately accept a transmission from Mon Mothma and during the conversation, Leia becomes a General, Luke becomes a Commander, and Han becomes a colonel! But Han of course does not take to his new rank easily. I'm curious to see if he ends up truly accepting this new position or if he will just shrug it off per his usual. Mon Mothma says he's a leader no matter what he thinks or says, so we'll see if he continues acting the part. Note: we are still about 2 years away from Empire Strikes Back at this point.
     Then we have a surprise in store that I'm super excited about! I can't wait to see what the next arc holds. The very ending is also super moving and nearly brought a tear to my eye. Maybe there is hope after all...


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