Doctor Aphra comic #25: The Catastrophe Con, Part VI by Simon Spurrier

"Doctor Aphra #25: The Catastrophe Con, Part VI" written by Simon Spurrier, illustrated by Kev Walker, Marc Deering, and Java Tartaglia
     Wow!! This issue was truly stellar! So much many twists and turns! I am still wrapping my head around it all. Ahhh!!! And some of it was deeply sad...I'm actually surprised I didn't cry over this was that intense.
     I'm not going to give everything away because this issue is absolutely a worthy read, but I will say that the cover is super deceiving. Aphra does not confront Vader and she does not wield a normal looking blue lightsaber...see pic below.
     As we left off the last issue with Aphra asking Tolvan to use Bor Ifriem to wipe her mind, so we begin this one. Aphra says the main reason she wants to do this is to stop Vader from searching through her memory to discover anyone and everyone who she told about his secret plan to overthrow the Emperor. She actually doesn't want to hurt the people she likes! Tolvan is so hesitant to let Aphra go through with her plan...she really does truly care for her. D'awww. Then Tolvan tells Aphra to let her be the one to undergo the brain wipe...just before Tolvan says she loves her!!! Bless it if the next couple of pages aren't absolutely heartbreaking. I mean full on devastation...again, see the pic below! The whole situation does not go where you think it's going to go and it is utterly sorrowful. I deeply feel for Aphra.
     Then people show up we thought were long gone! Looks like Aphra's still not out of the woods! Of course there's still 0-0-0 and BT-1 to deal with...and Vader to hide from. She just cannot cut a break.
     Then another group of unexpected sentients arrive!!! This issue really does just keep on giving.
     Again, wow! I was floored and stunned by this issue beyond belief. You have GOT to check it out! *shivers* and *cringes*
     The next arc will be called "Worst Among Equals" and Aphra is going to have to contend with a little gift left to her by Lopset...or was it actually Lopset?!?


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