Thoughts on Star Wars: Resistance "The Recruit"

     This won't be a full review since I don't have access to re-watching the episode and therefore the ability to quote or comment on specific parts, but I decided I wanted to branch out a bit and post thoughts on "The Recruit"--the pilot episode of Star Wars: Resistance!
     First of all, I'm simply super excited to be getting new audio visual content in the Star Wars universe. Rebels ending was necessary as the show had reached Rogue One essentially but that doesn't mean it wasn't a sad farewell. And the fact that we have to wait all the way until NEXT December to see a new movie has me chomping at the bit for more on-screen action. If you're a regular reader of this blog, you know I keep up with the print media obsessively and absolutely LOVE it. But there is something just oh so special about on-screen Star Wars.
     Secondly, I did go in to it a little giddy and over excited, but then that's the way I tend to go into all Star Wars. In other words, I wanted something magical and got something pretty close to that in the end. So, I'm grateful.
     Now, on to my thoughts...
     1. The opening was lackluster at best. I could've done with some more fanfare and gravitas musically. I felt like it was a let down from the get go. Luckily that feeling didn't last long.
     2. New Republic ships are being attacked by a First Order TIE fighter when we begin...but isn't the New Republic constantly saying that the First Order isn't attacking them? I'm honestly quite confused by the intro scene as it doesn't line up with what I know about New Republic politics.
     3. Poe sure did take on Kaz quickly!! The Resistance must be desperate for help. And I don't mean that in any way to be a slight at's just they barely met before Poe was all, "Okay, be a spy for us." Seems risky to me.
     4. Neeku is a brilliant character!! I love him so much already and we've only just met. The poor guy gets so worked up in his literal understanding of things that he can be let down pretty easily. I'm all nervous inside wondering if he's going to be let down again without the other person even meaning to do so.
     5. This show is absolutely not just for kids. There is a giant barfight scene that gets super rowdy with drinks being thrown and people being squashed. In fact, I didn't get a kids only vibe from this show at all.
     6. Orka, Flix, and their pit droid are probably my favorite besides Neeku. They work in the Office of Acquisitions (parts shop) and their interplay is fabulous and funny as all get out.
     7. I can't wait to get more of Tam! I love her accent and she's such a spitfire. Poor girl was promised the Fireball and then Kaz comes and takes it right out from under her. I totally feel her pain.
     Overall, I liked it a lot as you can probably tell. It definitely deserves a watch if you're currently on the fence for whether to check it out or not. See for yourself. Don't let the animation style or people saying it's just a kids show hold you back from something that you might just fall in love with.


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