Tales from Vader's Castle comic #1: The Haunting of the Ghost by Cavan Scott

"Tales from Vader's Castle #1: The Haunting of the Ghost" written by Cavan Scott, illustrated by Derek Charm and Chris Fenoglio
     This story is framed with Lina Graf (!!!!) on a mission for the Rebellion being stuck on Mustafar near Vader's castle and "ghost stories" being told as her crew figures out what to do in their stranded state. I am way too pumped for this series! If this issue was any indication of where we are going from here, I'm not going to be able to get enough. I absolutely LOVE that they're doing Halloweeny canon Star Wars. It's my favorite holiday and I eat up spooky stuff. I'm digging it for sure!
     Lina Graf, as she's retelling the story in this issue in her old age, is now head curator of the Graf archive! Love that she's taken on an adult role.
     But then we flashback to her being a commander in the Rebel Alliance! "Ace pilot and engineer" as she puts it. I really like how this issue is connecting Lina from the Adventures in Wild Space books to the Rebels themselves. Canon connections! Her little squadron of Rebels includes Skritt (a bug-like technician who is afraid of everything and rolls himself into a ball when truly frightened), Lieutenant Hudd (a human thief-turned Rebel), XM-G3 (a former bodyguard droid), and of course CR-8R (back from the book series)!!!
     So their ship the Auric is under heavy fire by TIEs and they have to land quick before the power core blows. CR-8R directs them to Mustafar… And just as Lina is trying to convince everyone they need to get off the ship before they boil alive, CR-8R recalls a story he once heard from Chopper!
     Hera and Kanan are on a mission looking for someone named Graysom who has Imperial data. They find his ship the Hoopaloo Nest (what kind of name is that?!?...) marooned on an asteroid. In the process of exploring the ship, they acquire...a phantom passenger on the Ghost!
     I don't want to give away anymore because you should go out and read this yourself. But I will say, this issue was so good...and it left us speculating about Chopper's connection with the phantom...which is quite interesting...cue *ghost noises* So excited that they're coming out with a new issue of this each week in October...perfect timing for my bday. And I'll leave you with this absolutely spectacular image of Vader's castle flanked by Death Troopers:


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