Star Wars: Resistance - Episode 4 - "Fuel for the Fire"

Star Wars: Resistance Episode 4 "Fuel for the Fire" written by Eugene Son, directed by Bosco Ng
     Well, I bit the bullet and bought the season on since I now have access to stopping, rewinding, and reviewing each episode, I will be posting on Star Wars: Resistance from here on out!
     This was an episode that made me feel so many things! I felt for Kaz, then was skeptical of him, then hated him, then felt for him again. His character is certainly going through a crazy range of experiences. Overall, I've enjoyed the third episode "The Triple Dark" the most out of all of them so far (awesome pirate action!!), but I still enjoyed this episode quite a bit as it made Kaz super dynamic and didn't just leave him as bumbling and confused.
     My favorite line came from my favorite character, Neeku (pictured above), "Kaz, you do realize the engine is not sentient. It cannot respond back to you." He's such a loveable character with so much heart and a great sense of loyalty. I'm so glad he's been prominently in every episode.
     So a new group of young goons headed by Jace Rucklin shows up and I do not like them at all!! They take Kaz away from his duties and are obviously setting him up for something bad. But the worst part is they make Kaz into someone that I don't like all that much. He sneaks away from his work by telling Neeku to go pick out a tool that he doesn't remember the name of and while Neeku is loyally saying, "This one? Is it this one?" to a number of different tools with his back turned, Kaz runs off. So terrible to treat someone so trusting so badly! This was the part where I hated Kaz referenced above.
     Then craziness ensues and Kaz gets put through the ringer. Luckily, Kaz makes up for his bad deed with Neeku by saving another person's life...although that other person is not grateful in the least.
     And in response to his final good deed of the episode, Yeager says that Kaz is not good at being a mechanic and not that great at being a spy, but is good at being a person. It takes a second, but Kaz ends up taking that as a positive. I think it was a super sweet thing to say. Hopefully Kaz will make up his meanness toward Neeku in the next episode.
     A few ending notes, 1) no First Order in this episode which was a bummer, but from next episode's description it looks like we'll get more then!, 2) Yeager has a family...but where are they?? Can't wait to find out more about the grumpy mechanic, and 3) When is the spying going to become a major part of the series? Kaz hasn't really done much of any spying yet. There was a tiny bit in the last episode, but it overall just seems like he's living his life...guess we'll see.
     This show is absolutely off to a great start and I cannot wait to see where it goes from here!!


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